Hi guys

I appreciate this is a question that probably only a few can answer, but I'm going to ask it and hope for the best anyway.

Basically, I need to be able to replicate data from one data centre in the EU to another in the US. They are with different hosts but the platforms are designed to be otherwise similar.

Less basically, we direct people from any particular country to a localised version of the site. The US platform is to offer a faster experience for US based customers. I suggested that rather than replicate the whole database to the new US platform that we only put the US data on it, but the boss wants the two database servers to act as failover for each other, so we need both to have the full data set.

So, has anyone any experience of this, and how did you find it? I've only experience of replicating to a server sat alongside the master in the same data centre, or using NDB Cluster as an engine. How would you recommend we approach this with InnoDB?