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    Selling my websites the best way..


    So now I gonna start selling websites, I have my own portfolio website.

    How I get people to wanna buy websites from me is that I contact tons of different companys and write that I offer webdesign.. I've already done two websites for two companys, but it didnt went smooth at all since I'm not sure how to complete a website selling process the fastest and smoothest way..

    So how do you start of when someone tells you that they are interseted in buying a website from you?

    Like.. should I take per hour or for the whole website, do you discuss exactly how it's gona look before, when is he gonna pay the money, what if he in the middle of the process comes up that he wanna add like a new thing on the site...

    Tips how a process can be as fast and smooth as possible?


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    You had another thread on this subject, which seems to have covered most of your points. If you want to avoid people giving you exactly the same advice all over again, it might be more helpful if you give more details. What didn't go smoothly? What did you do to resolve things that you think you could have done differently? Were there areas of the process that you feel went well? (So we can avoid advising you on things you already know. )


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