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    Im trying to figure out what the stats on my site mean.

    Im using Open Web Scope and it spits out a long list of graphs and such.

    Im not real sure about how to take in the numbers though.

    the beginning looks like this:

    Unique Visitors ###
    Homepage Hits ###
    Total Webpage Hits ###
    Bandwidth Used ###.### MB
    Most Popular Day Aug-##
    Average Homepage Hits per day ###
    Average Webpage Views per day ###
    Average Unique Visitors per day ##

    I am trying to determine what affiliate programs I would be approved for. I look at the numbers of total webpage hits but it looks much larger than I expect. It also reports all the images downloaded on my site. This all kind of confuses me and Im wondering if anyone would simplify it for me?

    I just want to know which statistics I should key in on to determine how many impressions I can offer per month.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    If the affiliate just asks how many impressions you get a month multiply the average webpage views per day by 30 or 31 depending on the how many days there are that month


    Average Webpage Views per day=100


    You would have about 3000 page views a month. So if they asked how many impersions you get a month you would say 3000. Im almost sure that is right but correct me if im wrong.

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    Say only 1 person (Joe) visits your site 2 times per day for 5 days. Each time he visits, he looks at 3 different pages.

    Let me fill this in:
    Unique Visitors 10 (2*5=10)
    Homepage Hits [Unknown from this data]
    Total Webpage Hits 30 (2*5*3=30)
    Bandwidth Used ###.### MB [unknown from this data]
    Most Popular Day Aug-## [unknown from this data]
    Average Homepage Hits per day [unknown from this data]
    Average Webpage Views per day 6 (30/5=6)
    Average Unique Visitors per day 2 (10/5=2)

    A unique visitor is an individual who visits your site. If they disconnect and reconnect at a later time and visit your site, thats another unique (unless they have the same IP address).

    Home page hits is the same as how many people saw your home page. This is just like having a counter on your home page.

    Total Webpage Hits is the number of pages that were viewed. This is also known as "Pageviews".

    Bandwidth used is the amount of transfer that was used to send all your visitors their pages.

    Most Popular day is exactly what it sounds like. So is Average Homepage Hits per day, Average Webpage Hits per day, and Average Uniques per day.

    Good luck!

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    Originally posted by jizbot
    I look at the numbers of total webpage hits but it looks much larger than I expect. It also reports all the images downloaded on my site.
    I find that the reason my hits are much higher than I would expect is because each image is also counted as a hit.

    If your front page has 5 images on it, then when the page is loaded, it registers 6 hits, one for the page, 5 for the images.

    On my log reports, in addition to hits, there are visits and pages.

    Visits is how many times people came to my site.

    Pages is how many total pages were viewed by the visitors. I suspect it is this number that you would need to know.


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    Terms are often confused, this is what I understand...

    Unique Visitors ### A not perfectly acurate record of how many individual computers visited you site. Each visit can last ? amount of time. EG if a computer doesnt request anything for more than 30 minutes, its next request will be counted as another unique visitor.

    Homepage Hits ### hits = file download, eg the page, each image, each sound file etc. Therefore homepage hits is not how many people have been through your homepage. If you divide this number by the number of files on your server that make up the homepage, you would get a fairly good idea of how many visitors this page recieved.

    Total Webpage Hits ### As above, but the total
    number of hits your site had.

    Bandwidth Used ###.### MB Does your provider limit the amount of trafic your site can have? If you are limited to, say 10Mb of trafic per day, you can use this up completely by having 10 people download a 1MB file. Or you could use this up completely by 1 person downloading a 10Mb file. IE the smaller your web pages, images etc, the slower this number will rise & the happier your provider. Most ISPs aren't worried about the number of visitors you have, rather the amount of data that is downloaded.

    Most Popular Day Aug-## a bit ambiguous, but this should be the day with the most hits, or perhaps the day with the largest amount of traffic.

    Average Homepage Hits per day ### average value of the hompage hits described above.

    Average Webpage Views per day ### This is far more useful. This is the total number of pages on your site that were visited. No distortion by how many images are on each page. Its a shame its an average (unless it is recalculated weekly). The average wont let you spot trends easily, or an increase in trafic this week over last week. eg, back in mar 99 we averaged 500 page views per week, 12 months later we averaged 6,000 page views per week. If our stats averaged over all that time then we would probably only see an average number of page views of 3,000. Talking about hits again, I think my site is quite 'image light' as a site so 6,000 page views is only about 40,000 hits. I know of sites that recieve far more 'hits' but far less visitors and for most of us, its visitors we want. The unique visitor counts are slightly inaccurate because 1) everyone counts a unique visit in different lenghts of time. 2) (this applies to all web stats really) many of users come from the same ISP and through the same proxy server. A proxy server remembers the pages users have requested so that if it is asked again, it can serve it without having to return to the website and wait for the download. This speeds up the internet, but means you reach a point when you can't be certain that the computer that visits your site is just one person - it could be ten. Still, the internet is far more accurate than tracking return on the yellow pages.

    Average Unique Visitors per day ## Average of the first stat.

    I hope i didnt make that too confusing.

    Your question was already answered - for impressions use Average Page views per day * days in a month

    You may also like to try one of the free counter services (there are other threads in this forum on these, but try which will record how many Page views you have had and let you analyse this over time. They also have other features that help you target more trafic, but i am now well off your original question.


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