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Most people write article on fiverr.com claim only 5$ for 400-500 word, many poople write very good. So, you can refer to the price that you think is good
Apparently you haven't read through this thread. $5.00 for 400 to 500 words is abyssmal and usually those who do 'write' for that amount are typing what someone else has already written. If you are going to right an article of that size it takes far more than a few minutes. If you are spending more than a few minutes in writing an article of that size, you are under-valuing your services and hurting the whole community of writers who know what writing a good article takes both in time and in effort.

Show me a writer who can write 400 to 500 dollars in even one hour and I'll show you a writer who is working for far less than even minimum wage in the US.