I am having a couple of issues with a "New Comment" e-mail, which gets sent out to Members who "subscribe" to an Article Thread.

1.) What would be the "proper" way to mark up this e-mail body copy...

Dear Debbie,

The user, "MomOfFive", has posted a new comment to the article:
"Postage Meters Can Save You Money"

To view this article, click here

To view this comment, click here


Customer Service

What I have now is this...

HTML Code:
<p>Dear Debbie,</p>
<p>The user, "MomOfFive", has posted a new comment to the article:<br />
	<span class='indent'>"Postage Meters Can Save You Money"</span>
<p>To view this article, <a href='/articles/postage-meters-can-save-you-money'>click here</a></p>
<p>To view this comment, <a href='/articles/postage-meters-can-save-you-money#comment_91'>click here</a></p>
<p>Sincerely,<br /><br /><br />

<p>Customer Service</p>

I am wondering if I should use all <span>'s instead or just wrap everything in ONE <p>??

2.) My other problem is that I have this style defined...

	padding: 0 0 0 2em;
...but when I go into FireBug it says I have no styles declared?!

I'm not sure if this is an issue with my HTML and FireBug or if it deals with my PHP which generates the HTML?

I'd post my PHP here, but Ralph always yells at me when I do that!