In the past when I've set up development servers on my computers I always downloaded Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin individually and installed them. The process hasn't always been smooth. This time around I was thinking about going with a WAMP. I had no idea there were so many different WAMP packages.

I figured I would ask for a recommendation before proceeding in hopes of avoiding any pitfalls. The computer OS is Windows Vista 64 bit.

The package that has the most name recognition with me is XAMPP. I've seen it mentioned many times. Looking at the comparison of WAMP packages on Wikipedia, I am most intrigued by AMPPS because it has a built-in updater. If there is no updater in the package, I have to think upgrading one of the programs would be a major hassle. Right? But having no experience with any of these WAMPs, I really don't know.

So if anyone can make any recommendations, I will be most grateful.