Hi everyone,

I'm looking at different hosts for a new website i have in development, in the past i have used 1and1, but i find that their hosting service is unreliable and their basic packages are featureless, not to mention they have terrible hosting, so anyway, i'm considering switching over to bluehost for my future sites, if you have any experience with this host please share, and if you have any other hosts i should look at please say so also, i should also mention that i need php5.4 support, mySQL support with phpmyadmin, pre-installed PEAR packages or easily instalable PEAR Packages (i couldn't get this with my 1and1 package), SSL, SSH, ftp, email support, linux hosting and if possible an apache installation of php rather than CGI (if possible). This is basically my bare minimum and i would enjoy having a more feature rich host than what i just described, also price matters i think bluehost is $4, i would like something in that range is possible.