I am thinking of running a personal blog, the blog and portfolio are in one site, and deep down my secondary mission is to tell potential clients that I know my craft (as I am still waiting for my first job).

Now its been a week or two since I started thinking about content that I am going to write. I installed my blog locally and I have been writing tutorials as if I was live.

So far I have written a series of posts on "the basics of jQuery". After this series finishes I wand to write a series on CSS3 (and overview of the basics) - and then go live and publish them one by one.

My first question is: is fine to write about the basics (of CSS3) even though other blogs have already covered them. For example if I write a post on "what is CSS3" I am sure that there are blogs out there that have written on this topic way back in 2010 - so would my post be considered out of date, or would be been seen as useful for beginners (my skills of conveying my message is another matter, just in terms of covering a topic that is already covered - it is a good idea)

My second question. Lets say I have planned to write a series of blog posts on the basics of CSS3. I publish one of these twice a week and say the series would end on three weeks time. During this time, is it ok to write other posts (advanced) on CSS3, or would it be recommended to finish the series first.
- So in my mind I was thinking of keep writing "the basics of " but in parallel if I discover something new on CSS3 just write about it?

And lastly, if I have enough content to write 2/3 times a week. How far apart should be "series" on the basics of [something] be published. Should they be published one after the other (so the 3 posts a week should be all on the series I started) or how much gap.

Thanks in advance