Hi all,

I am having some a number of issues with my css on a site. The site in question is http://www.webapp-testing.com/hangars/index.html The issues are listed below:
  1. When I load the site or the first time in google chrome the top menu is blurred but when I click on a link it gets clearer and I have no idea as to why.This doesn't happen in Firefox and well IE doesn't support text shadows.
  2. Which leads me to my next issue of how can I get text shadows in IE is their a simple workaround using jquery or something to that effect?
  3. As you can see the background has a gradient background which I tried to replicate within IE using an online tool however I am unable to get the design in the corners to show in IE (view the site in any other browser you should see the design in the corners) how can I solve this?

Thanks in advance for the help.