I'm fairly new to mobile development.. and have discovered this interesting thing: for apple devices it's very easy to distinguish betw iPhone and iPad (so you can very easily style differently for these two devices/screen dimensions); but the Android, as far as I know, covers both the smart phone and the tablet(s) right?? so is there a way to detect, when on Android, whether it's the phone or the tablet? (testing for screen dimensions can be tricky, I suppose, since you don't know whether user has it portrait or landscape... )

so the "Android" user-agent covers devices of different dimensions (and I don't know how many Android tablets there are, if there is more than one Android tablet screen-dimension.. and if all the Android phones have the same screen-dimensions...)

also: is there a way to easily test for whether iPad is traditional iPad or the new one?

(oh brother, this is getting out of hand.... ;-)

thank you....