I'm not joking. This site is amazing!

lingscars(dot)com (NOTE: I'm not an affiliate, nor am I trying to promote the site. I do have a valuable point to make here.)

Ok, now that you're wondering what it is that I'm smoking, read on, because there is something to be learned here...
I came across this site a while back on another forum in which the members were having a go at this "horribly designed" website. Ling caught wind of the forum thread, and signed to the forum in order to set the record straight. This prompted me to do a little digging of my own. It turns out she's not lying on her website where it says, "You can trust me! ... In 2012 I'll rent over 50 million of cars". I was surprised to have a bit of an "aha!" moment while looking into this, because as a designer I want to attract people with attractive designs. However, there's a whole other dimension of attraction I never even considered.

It all has to do with psychology. The site is, without a doubt, hideous. But it's because of that fact that it get's noticed (this thread is proof). So people go check the site out for themselves. They may be pointing and laughing, but what they don't realize is that Ling has their full attention. Out of shear curiosity they start exploring the site (which is jam packed with hidden easter eggs, some of which hint at the fact that the site's creators actually DO have a professional and experienced skill set.) While exploring the site, people will come to find that Ling and her website are bursting with personality, a trait that is sorely missing from most websites. In short, the combination of shock value, personality, and hilariously obvious advertising propaganda techniques, actually make for a very trustworthy and lucrative business. And while I don't think that we should all go out and make crappy looking websites, there is definitely something to be said about not relying solely on the aesthetic aspect of a website to attract potential customers.

Here's an interesting video if you'd like to learn more: