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    Scan site for image source

    I'm working on this big messy custom CMS for a theater. Early in setting up their website, they put some images on a different domain (hosted by the college that owns the theater), but recently they've gotten ftp access to the CMS hosting server and are now storing all the images there. Does anyone know of a script that would crawl the entire site and give me a report of every image source path on every page? This would make it much easier for me to go through and move all the images from the old server to the new one.
    My ideal report would be just 3 bits of info: Page Name - image_path/image-name.jpg

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    If you're running Linux, gURLChecker will scan a site and return the image paths for you, although I don't think it will show you the page on which the image occurs. It may be possible - I've never tried.
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