Hi guys,

I'm Greg and I'm a content writer but also a professional illustrator.
I've had several popular comic books created and I try to balance
my article and content writing with the artwork side of things.

I have been studying more and more about internet marketing and
where artwork comes into play and have found so far there is a wee
tiny bit of professional illustrators working in this area. It's a shame too
because if you're getting sales with bland text and clip art graphics
just think what you can do with some original art.

So I created some art on a few hotsheets and now with a new ebook
coming out. So far all went very well.

The latest thing I did was do some portraits of friends on Facebook.

I got so many 'likes' I figure I could do this full time. It would be a major
hassle though as it is intense work and any hack done jobs would
really show through.

I know hiring artists is tough because we're so expensive but look around
and you may have an artist in the family or a close friend. Team up with
them. It might turn out to be fun.