Hallo all,

I'm losing some hair and the search engines don't seem to have a straightforward answer for me.

I'm rewriting some nasty decade-old code in a CMS which, via templates, creates HTML documents and other things... the current one I'm working on is replacing hoary decade-old Flash-embedding code with something modern. I chose SWFObject version 2.2 (at this time, the current version). It's a smallish player that should do everything needed (which isn't much. embed videos.).

Also, very important, for the clients using this code, we should use the STATIC embed method. That is where you (or your program) write the HTML code and the SWFObject Javascript simply does the film embedding. Not a div with "hi you suck" that if you have JS, gets replaced with generated <object> tags and the such.

I've got .swf files running fine (yay). Flv files however do nothing.

How do I get an FLV to play? The back-end code and templates are rendering everything to the document as they do for the .swf movie, so I have good code and I have a file.

I have found many sites saying someone with a copy of Flash can create an .swf to run the .flv. I can't tell clients to go buy Flash and make these .swf containers. They just want to use the movie files they already have. This should be possible?

I have found much on the SWFObject discussion areas where, if you use the dynamic loading method, you can use the flashvars variable to point to the .flv file... though I'm still unsure where the .swf file used in those codes is coming from. But I am not using the dynamic method.

Without telling the clients they can't use their files as-is, and without getting a whole other player (as much as I read that JWPlayer can run FLVs, their own site states that SWFObject can do this too... the dynamic embedding way anyway. For posting simple videos SWFObject ought to be enough. I'll exhaust all my options before switching the code over to another player), how can I get the static embed method of SWFObject to play .flv files?

I keep thinking this is possible. If it isn't, I'll rewrite everything to use a whole different (and larger) player. But I'd rather not.

Thanks in advance,