Hey all,

I have an application that sits on a internal clients desktop sending data to and from a server, some stuff gets saves into the database. Everything client side uses UTF8. When the desktop app sends data to the server, the server application connects to the database, it seems to save into the database fine however when i'm viewing some of that data on a website the encoding is incorrect. It display etc as '?' - I have specified the encoding for the website as UTF8, using PHP headers and also in the <head> tags in HTML.

So I have a few questions.

1) If you don't specify a character set when you connect to a mysql database where does it get the default character set from for that particular connection? Or does it just use whatever the character set is on the table you insert into?
2) Can I store the UTF8 string sent from the client in a table/database with a character of latin1? or will it give me problems?
3) Should if specify the character set to UTF8 EVERYTIME i make a connection to the database to ensure it uses that encoding?

The database/table is set as latin1, It's too late for me to change it as there is other applications which use the same database and other tables so i don't know if changing the charsets will cause data issues.

From inserting the data to viewing it, something is going wrong and its hard for me to track it down.

Client Desktop->Server App->Database<-Website<-Client Browser(or admin)

Hope that all makes sense.

Thanks in advance.