I have an idea to store my passwords on mysql database. But I want to make them unreadable by browsing the databases. The final product will be holding more than 1,000 important passwords and I need safety to them. Passwords I store are the FTP details, Database login details, Control Panels and CMS admin area logins etc.

I want to make it a multi-user based application where more than one users can put their passwords in single database.
Passwords are visible to a user only if s/he created it.

The fields I have are:
* Password Details
* Login User Name
* Login Password
* Login URL, Host Name, SMTP Server name, etc.
* Email address associated to the password
* Expiry information
* Other information
* User ID and Password Group ID

I wonder how I can use the encryption to all fields: not even a user name should be readable.
Only if a user logged in, s/he can see the list of password groups and passwords.

MySQL dump and browsing the database via PHPMyAdmin should not contain any readable information about the passwords.

FYI, I have already completed a working version of the application that works without encryption.

What is the best encryption method you suggest to me?