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    Are my youtube videos well positioned in to my product pages?


    I have started making youtube videos of my products and embedding them in to the relevant product pages on my website.
    However, there are some opinions I would like on how I have integrated it to my website.

    1) Is the position of the video i.e. underneath the price a good idea, or should I move it in to the product description
    2) Is it worth investing in to professional studio equipment
    3) Does google class this as media rich content?

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    Firstly well done on your presentation, it was instantly clear as to page objective

    I think the item detail should be just under the image screen ie leave BESTSELLER in the current place but the words above that to be placed below the black bar of the video screen
    Then there is no doubt that clicking on that Add to Cart button gets that product, even if the page is viewed on small screen etc

    I am sorry I am not sure I understand your second question, but if you are saying can this be a product for pro studio sales, then yes
    I am a voice over artist for TV, and also send pics to fotolia and this is an item that could be of interest to me as an owner of a pro SLR camera
    I am sorry I cannot comment on item 3

    Good luck

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