Hi. I'm considering going into web design and development and possibly phone application development. Eventually, I would like to do UI design and thought some background in development would be interesting and useful in that field. I'm about done with an AA degree and an associates in graphic design (will be completed by spring). I want to transfer to a 4-year college/university fall of 2013 after completion of my design associates in the spring. Since I have already spent a lot of time in college already (it will be 4 years total at the community college once I get both associates), I don't want to spend another 4-6 years getting one of the top CS BS degrees in the country, but a lighter CS degree more similar to a BA curriculum or IT degree would be fine because I could finish it in about 2 years potentially since I have all the general ed requirements done and have elective credits.

I am considering a BS in CS at Texas Woman's University or a BS in IT from American Public University. Both curriculums could be finished within 2 years for me since I have a lot of credits already and not as many of the degree requirements need prerequisites, so it won't take 5-6 years like some of the heavier CS BS degrees I've seen. It is very important to me to finish a bachelors in 2-3 more years. The BS in CS at TWU is lighter than most and the curriculum is more similar to most of the BAs in CS that I have seen offered at other colleges, but a lot closer in proximity and with in-state tuition. APU is online, but looks more reputable as far as I can tell than most online colleges/universities, it's regionally accredited, and the tuition also isn't as high as a lot of online for-profit colleges. I could complete a BS in IT from APU with concentration in web development and/or phone app development or complete a BS in CS from TWU with a minor in business or marketing in roughly the same amount of time.

Which one would be better? I hear that most employers prefer a CS degree over an IT degree. Should I get the CS degree and then get a certificate and/or self-teach myself more about web development? Would I be more knowledgeable sooner after graduation with more practical knowledge in an IT degree than theoretical knowledge in CS? Would it significantly hinder my employment prospects if I had an IT degree instead of CS?