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    did any of you guys ever make 100% ROI?

    This blogger I heard about in a business forum talks about how to buy something by getting 100% ROI investing in a website, and have the asset pay for what you would've spent cash out of pocket into.

    Thinking about doing it with my school tuition. Instead of paying $30,000 a year invest $30,000, get 100% ROI, and have that pay for school. Have that 30k pay for 2-3 years of school, and then be able to sell it and get 30k or more (if I manage to bring up the value of it). Heck even if I get 50% ROI instead of a 100% this sounds like a really cool idea.

    My money is currently doing 2-4% in the bank anyway, and I'd probably learn a ton from investing and managing a business. Kinda risky, but I'm seriously thinking about it.
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