Hello All..!
New to Magneto and zend framework.

I don't want the unregistered users to have access to the product listings in my mageneto store .
What i want is that only the registered users should be able to view the products in my store.

This i have achieved by 'user-redirect' extension. For this i have created a ' home-page' for my site (the landing-page for my store) which appears when the site is loaded.
when a user logs-in, he/she is redirected to a ' product-listing page' (custom-page created by me) which displays all the products from all categories in the store.

till this step, its going fine.

But, what i want now is that, when a user (logged-in user) clicks on the home link (on the main navigator or the site logo ), he should be redirected to the 'product-listing' page instead of the 'home-page' (which is happening in current configuration).

Means, i want to have two different home pages :
one for the logged-in users (product-listing page)
second, for the logged-off / unregistered users (home-page).

How to achieve it..?
web urls would also suffice..