today shot video for the first time with my Nikon camera... it was a parade with very colorful costumes, some of them came out nice... ;-)

videos are shot in .mov format (don't think camera can shoot in .mp4)

so my first question would be what is the best way to convert .mov video format to .mp4? I searched for
"video convert from .mov to .mp4", and got so many results don't know where to begin..

I'm on a mac.. are there any built-in tools that come with the mac to do this?

(I'm assuming video cannot be embedded on a web page in .mov format)

now I've also been learning HTML5/media stuff.. and I see that for HTML5 format .ogg also is used..

what is .ogg? is it better than .mp4?

and I guess I would need to know how to also convert video to .ogg format...

have been a serious amateur photographer for many years, but am a video newbie.... ;-)

thank you....