I hate doing this but jquery isnt my strongest point and this is the first flowplayer project I have ever accepted. The final styling is driving me crazy and I need some help before i hack the entire script and have to start over.


The issues I am having:

1.) The Logo, the logo is placed erradictley on the screen with the on hover function. Each logo is the same size 100x100 png and it bounces all over the place, it goes from not being visible to displaying in the middle of the page, to displaying propelry in the corner like it is supposed to

2.) The embed code, when you select the share button, the embed code seems to display 1 in 10 times in the textarea box, I can get it to display (html encoded) every single time inside of an alert box

3.) The Share window close button, select share when the video begins and then select close in the top right corner, the video stops completely

4.) The banner in the bottom left, once a video starts playing a banner pops up based on cuepoints after the intro video, this banner used to go to a url set from the database, now it just stops the player

Any help would be appreciated