this is a follow-up on my previous JSON post:

now I'm trying to pull from this JSON with jQuery; my example is here:
not working.. obviously it's more complex than the JSON in jQuery example here:

how do I pull from a more complex JSON than the example @ jQuery site? I wish they had examples with more complex JSON's....

obviously I need to be more specific about WHICH key and WHICH values, since there is more than one level..
is there a ref. somewhere of all the methods/properties to pull from JSON's???
(what is there apart from "key" and "val"?) are "key" and "val" JSON properties? or just plain Javascript from the array? because array is just a list, you don't have "key" and "value" in an array, right?

also "item".. that's a jQuery JSON property? it's very vague.... an item consists of a key/value pair?

I really need a reference for all this..

thank you...

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