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    Question New Router, access to site(s) timing out.


    I have read the threads and I have a very similar problem to this Can't Process Online Payments Thread.

    I think if we figure this out, we might find the problem of the othe rguy also.

    I have a new Engenius ECB 3500 which is configured as a Acess Point/Router. I installed it yesterday.

    When I try to use a website :

    I get a timeout on a specific page. I can log in my account. Move around a little. As soon as I try to remontly access my computer it timeouts.

    I also have a "server not found, please check your internet connection" with a software use for trading : questrader IQ (

    When I bypass my router, ie I plug the ISP modem cable straight into my laptop, everything works.

    I don't see any firewall configuration into my router configs. The is a port forwarding section but I don't think it has anything to do with my problem.

    Anyone have an idea on what the router is blocking and how to disable it?

    It might also be a DNS problem since I can access other secured website without any problem.

    Thank you for your help,

    Best regards,

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