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    "Spot the Error" Competition 2: Olympic Edition

    Spot the Error!

    Here is the second Spot the Error Competition. (If you missed the first, you can find it here.)

    See how many errors you can find in the quoted text below—a pretend forum post. These include grammatical and coding errors, and perhaps even others.

    Since we're in Olympic mode, we'll award a free SitePoint ebook to the best three responses—ranked in Gold, Silver and Bronze positions.

    Here are some ways to stand out from the crowd:

    - spot more errors than anyone else
    - offer outstanding explanations for why something is an error
    - list errors neatly, in point form.

    Beware, though, as there's a sting in the tail this time. If you flag something as an error that's not one, you'll be disqualified, so choose your errors carefully!

    Remember that this is just for fun, and lively debate is welcome! We'll leave the actual competition open for a day or two.

    Good luck!

    There seems to be problems with this code, but I can not see what. Id be greatful to whomever is able help with this. Im not much good with java.

    <DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="em">
    <meta charset="utf8">
    <title>Spot the Eror</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" media="screen projection tv" href="/css/styles.css">
    <!- --start slideshow-- -->
    <div class="slideshow">	
      <img href="bird1.jpg" alt="Bird in flight"
      <img href="bird2.jpg alt="Bird in cage">
    <script type="text/java" src="/js/jquery.cycle.lite.min.js"></script>
    <script type="text/script" src=""></script>

    OK folks, the competition part of this thread is now over, though you are welcome to discuss further the issues involved.

    Results can be seen in post #67.
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