Can't seem to get this to work. Trying to get have multiple rows inserted. No error message, insert last record only. I have also tried foreach and do while, still only getting last record. BTW, the last values in the query insert but via some variable I did not show here, but still only the last record.

The array
PHP Code:
<?php  $postarray=array("$_POST[qnt]","$_POST[type]","$_POST[mfg]","$_POST[model]","$_POST[model_num]","$_POST[descrip]","$_POST[msrp]");?>
The loop with query

PHP Code:

for ($i=0$i count($postarray);$i++) {

$query_Recordset3 "INSERT INTO temporder ( cust, store_num, qnt, type, mfg, model, model_num, descrip, price, po) VALUES ('$cust','$store_num','$_POST[qnt]','$_POST[type]','$mfg','$model','$model_num','$descrip','$price','$po') ";

Anyone be able to see where I'm going wrong