Here's what I have:
Drupal 6.x with 3 content types:
- Con1
- Con2
- Con3

All three have their own template files and I can access everything in the $node object. I can also use things like node_load() to load other nodes, views_embed_view() to embed views, etc. I can also pass values into views_embed_load() in order to create conditional views. A very handy thing to do, I might add...

Here's the problem:
I'm having a hard time generating links to Con1 content from within Con3 content if and only if Con2 content is node-referenced from a single Con1 CCK field using nothing more than the current Con3 content's $node->nid.

I need help:
Would anyone have any suggestions about how to go about achieving this? I thought the reverse node reference module would help, but I can't even tell if it's doing ANYTHING... It seems to be a somewhat flaky module as far as I can tell but I'm assuming this is just because I don't know how to use it within Views yet. I then thought I might be able to use the Con2 NIDs from within Con3 as I have already used node_load to load their objects into my Con3 template, but the problem is that this is somewhat static--there's no way to determine if something has been node-referenced or not (which is why I tried using that module above).

Any insight or feedback is appreciated.