Hi guys,

I'm a graphic designer with almost no knowledge of CSS or HTML, but trying to build my first site in Dreamweaver and running in to a misalignment issue in my header. I apologize in advance for what I'm sure is a simple fix.

I'm basically just setting up my template now, so my sections are just color blocks and all of the CSS is still inline in the HTML file (which hopefully will make it easy to debug). For some reason, when I view it in a browser or Live View, there is like 10-15 pxls above the header background. You'll noticed the top of it aligns with the top of the logo for some reason. I messed around with positioning options in the #header CSS rule, but nothing I do seems to fix it. It looks like the divs I made for the logo and nav are fine, but the div for #header (i think that is where the problem is) should be tight to the top of the window.

I have it posted here: http://jcreativelab.com/testing/JCL_WebsiteStart.html

Thank you for taking the time to read this and helping out. Cheers.