I have tried to set up a vertical menu, with sub-menus, which are shown with the help of JQuery. There are eight "top" menu items altogether, four don't have sub-menus and four do.

I have managed, through searching on the internet to find numerous examples of jQuery scripts to make the menu work (ie, when you click on a menu with a sub-menu, everything slides down to expose the sub-menus). But what I would like to do is when you have exposed the sub-menus and gone to one, the exposed sub-menus should remain exposed, until another "top" menu item is clicked, at which time another set of sub-menus would be exposed. Currently, as soon as a sub-menu is clicked, all the exposed sub-menus slide up, and if you want to select another from that set, you have to click the "top" menu again.

Essentially I am always on the same web page. The site is run through a database, and there is a index.php file to control what is going on, but the web page is always generated by a file called display.php, regardless of what menu item is selected, because that is only to indicate as to which information should be retrieved from the database.

I am not showing any code at this stage because I really would like to sort it out for myself (even though I am a complete novice with jQuery). But at the same time, I would really like to have this functionality, so may ask for more concrete help later.

So initially, if my ramblings above make sense, is what I wish to achieve possible?

Thanks in advance