I was just doing a little reading about how more web hosting companies are demanding ID scans nowadays to prevent fraudulent signups using stolen credit cards and to prevent nefarious uses such as copyright infringement, phishing, spamming, etc. HostGator says they get 6,000 fraudulent signups per month. ID scans are a tool they use to help protect against such fraudulent signups.


There are some examples of fake ID scans they have received in those posts. It's pretty funny stuff what people try to pass off. IDs with photos of Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt with the name of Connie? Yup.

Is this common now? I haven't been involved with purchasing web hosting for over 5 years. None of the hosts I had ever insisted on an ID scan when I bought hosting years ago. So I'm just wondering if this is standard operating procedure today or if this is primarily used when non-American customers try to buy hosting.