I'm looking for suggestions on how to deal with additional space that appears under my photos in gmail and hotmail when I use my email deployment service -- Exact Target -- content boxes. For clarity I mean

"A content box is an area of an email where you can insert text, links, images, and tables. You can build and edit content by managing content boxes in an email. Content boxes are based on a standard template or an HTML paste template. You design the layout and input the content of each individual content box."

I've tried so many things, including the most obvious, adding display:block. It appears that after my email is sent somewhere along the line additional table and table cells is added to my code. It is this added table where I have the space is being added.

This problem does not occur if I delete the content areas and just add code for the images and text I want to appear.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to address this issue?

Thank you,