Hey guys,

I'm working on a small custom admin panel for my own personal website. I am working on the part to allow me to manage my Flickr photographs

I have a Flickr class which contains methods to get the list of sets from Flickr, the photos in a particular set and another to grab the sizes for a particular photo.

What I want to do is grab a list of all the sets - (which I can get via a method in my Flickr class) but then for each set that is returned, look through my local Albums (what I call sets on my site) DB table to see if that sets id is in my table and then put a tick or cross next to each set name in the admin panel highlighting if I have that set on my site or not.

So, I know what I wish to do but I am just not 100% sure where to put this logic of looping through the set list returned from Flickr.

Is anyone able to help guide me here?

Kind regards,