I'm having linespacing problems with unordered lists.

When a list item goes over a single line I get very odd spacings between the lines. Is there a way of controlling this?

<style type="text/css">
	a {font: 70%/100% Verdana,Helvetica,sans-serif;text-decoration:none; color:#000099}

<div class="box">
		<li><a href="">short link</a> </li>
		<li><a href="">short link</a> </li>
		<li><a href="">short link</a> </li>
		<li><a href="">a longer link than usual which breaks over more than one line</a> </li>
		<li><a href="">short link</a> </li>
I've tried putting a div around the list item but to no avail. In the example above I added line height to the ul and that just makes thing worse.

Any ideas?