I am replacing my current wordpress-based ecommerce website with a new one that is fairly different but still in Wordpress with a lot of the same content. In the initial stages, my web developer (in whom I don't have a lot of confidence on this issue) said it didn't matter what the name of the URL was so we kept this stupid name throughout the development process. It's called "chimptestsite". Now that my new website is done, my developer did a re-direct and maybe that's okay, but the url shows up as "chimptestsite". Also, google showed all the old links to my site as server errors. Doesn't seem right to me! I want it so show my same old domain name on the url, and to not lose all my years of google "goodwill" in the search engines.

Should we have put the new website under a folder named something like "test" then the old url name, then copied the new site over the old one? Is there a certain kind of re-direct that takes care of this? It isn't a large site, maybe eight to ten pages. What should I do now. BTW, my developer took off on vacation.

Appreciate any help!