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Q2: I've read that if the site is browsed via a mobile phone, the phone will download a big picture and scale it down itself. This sounds like a huge waste of bandwidth/processor power. Is it possible to have an image in two or more sises so that the device can download the most appropriate one?
Not all websites would fall in this category, patrons of big size pictures. But there are valid cases where you use them.

In those valid cases, if you really worry more about the client, than, no matter mobile or desktop, consider this scenario: you always use smaller size pictures (not necessarily the smallest possible, but small enough in size to qualify as slim and still be good looking), that you scale up if necessary. And this would be your low bandwidth version of the site.

When the user explicitly asks for the high bandwidth version, selecting the visible "High Bandwidth Version" link on your site, you use the bigger size pictures, which, hopefully, are not also bigger in size but are better looking too, in comparison.

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I'm finding RWD very intriguing, but I worry a bit about how expensive it might get, especially with bigger sites, and also bandwidth on smaller devices.
It's not correct to call RWD expensive. Your content is the one that may be expensive, and that's the thing you'd want to work on: slimming down the content.

RWD can't help you with heavy content issues, it's not its job, it's not its purpose, it's not a content related technology, so stop asking that from it.

RWD can only help when it comes to layout. The D in RWD.