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    Quote Originally Posted by ULTiMATE View Post
    Well, if you're not going to use a "charting solution" then you're either rolling your own charting script or using an image. There really isn't any other way around it.
    Yes, there is - SVG. I've done it once in an administration system and it's pretty easy to create simple charts with SVG and they don't require javascript (however, IE 8 and earlier don't run SVG without the help of a js library). You can style elements with CSS and even add dynamic stuff with js.

    That said, I agree that javascript is a very good tool for charts. Some time ago I used RaphaŽl - it's a js library that creates charts in SVG. What I did was I put my data into an ordinary HTML table and then used javascript to read the table and convert it to a chart using RaphaŽl. That worked well, was accessible and also looked very nice on mobile devices (edit - sorry for equalling mobile devices with iPhone and iPad only, I checked only in those...).

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    This thread is over a year old that was recently resurrected (for unknown reasons), I'm closing it. If you feel there is something new to discuss because a year has gone by, please fee free to either 1) open a new thread or 2) contact me and I'll gladly reopen it.


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