Is it me ... or is there a trend of indian recruiters.. like wtf?

I get about 5-6 a day telling me they have a job for me calling me up... i can barely understand the guy, the phone lags because they're obviously calling from India with really bad internet connection. Telling me they have a job for me that's 1200 miles away..

Today I play along, send them my resume etc.. guy calls me up tells me he has a job for me in NYC and i'm in Florida.. I'm like ok whatever.. My hourly rate is $65hrly at 40 hours a week, that'll def make me go to new york for a web design job. then he tells me, its net 30. Net 30! So if i started August 1st.. I won't get paid till Oct 1! Is it me or does that sound scammish. I never had a recruiting agency tell me net 30. I get paid 2 weeks after i start the contract job.