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Typography on the web is about more than just fonts. Although the advent of sIFR and web fonts has made it easier to display a website in your chosen font, even if it isn't widely available on visitor's computers, that still isn't practical in a lot of cases and many fonts are not licensed for this use. And so the vast majority of sites stick to a small number of common fonts such as Verdana, Arial, Georgia, Calibri, Comic Sans and TNR (although the last two are not recommended!)

Other significant factors in web typography include:
  • increasing line-spacing to create extra white space and make long paragraphs more readable
  • choosing between appropriate serif / sans-serif fonts for body text and headings
  • increasing letter-spacing for effect in headings
  • ensuring that you use correct typographic punctuation, such as m/n-dashes where appropriate, curly quotes and so on
Thanks . Can you give me some good information about typography ? Where to find some good tutorials about typography of web articles ? Will they work on every WordPress theme ?