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Thread: My HTML Quiz

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    Cool My HTML Quiz


    I have made a html/css learning quiz. I have published 15 of my tasks and would really like some feedback on it?

    I would specially like feedback on usability and ways to improve my quiz!

    You can find it here:

    Many thanks!


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    Hi Olav. These things are fun, but I do think you could design this a little better. For a start, some of the English needs some refining, but aside from that, I was a little confused at first how things were meant to work. It would be good to have an introduction to explain how the site works and what the options are. I didn't realize at first that there was a menu of options at the top, for example. They just look like a bunch of logos.

    Also, make sure the questions/tasks are clear. For example, it wasnt clear what this one was asking me to do:

    Adding Content for your webpage
    Only content in the <body> tags are displayed in your web browser. After the </head> add <body> tags with Inner text.
    It doesn't actually say what the task is, so you need to make that clearer.

    At first, when I typed and answer and submitted it, nothing much happened. I finally realized that a message had appeared above, but it's not obvious. You need to think of a way to make the response more obvious. And nothing was happening in the box to the right, either, which was a bit confusing.

    I hope these points help make this a better tool. Good luck with it.

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    I agree with everything Ralph said. Plus, I think the result of submitting incorrect answers needs to be significantly improved. For question 2, I entered:

    ...and when I submitted that answer, the notification box said this:

    Parsing error: 'Start tag was not found' (line: 3 position: 15)

    For question 4, I entered:

            <title>My webpage</title>
    Note that the closing </p> tag is usually recommended but nonetheless optional.

    This was my notification:

    The usage of p in this task requires an inner text between the tags.
    Also, where's the doctype? The doctype is extremely important. I'm hoping it will still be added in a later question....

    Edit 2:

    The question for image width and height attributes considers this correct:

    width="64px" height="64px"
    But actually there should be no units on those numbers.
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