Hey Guys,

I was asked to add a custom search results to the site (with Classipress theme). There's this custom search form, supplied with the autocomplete jQuery function, that searches through the postocodes or suburbs of Australia.
All this works just fine. When a suburb is selected, user goes to the second step, and unique ID of that particular suburb is passed via GET method. I was to use that unique ID and select (mysql) all restaurants in that suburb, and then nicely print 'em on the screen.

And here the problem starts. I am a complete noobie to Wordpress and I cannot build the results table at all.
I thought I could have managed to build it somehow by re-using the main search form, which passes an S variable to the result page. I copied that behaviour, too, and to no avail, of course

Could someone give me a little nudge and point me to a right direction?

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

An image as a reference:

Thank you in advance!