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........ users who just want free technical support all the time........
at the risk of going totally off topic, I think this is just a sign of the changing world (a bad sign imho) and the "Me Generation" wanting instant gratification and solutions.

And it's not just on this website. I currently also post on webdeveloper, codingforums and devshed and it's a sign of the times on those websites as well.

Yes, a few years ago there were a lot more "technical/tutorial" type threads and discussions. Nowadays, I would say at least 60-70% of threads I visit anywhere are related to a student, newbie or DIY'er who has got themselves sinking in coding quicksand and is looking for someone to drag them out for free.

The way I see forums in general nowadays, is basically as fast code drive thru's with very few users looking to actually learn anything. Most just want a quick FREE solution to their immediate need.