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    Social Media Suggestions

    Hi All,

    I run a website; <snip>
    and want to get things moving in social media, on Facebook we've got over 3,000 followers, who we believe are just our site's users, we've got some engagement going on there (but limited), I'm trying to get more active there and will hopefully begin to see some effect soon enough.
    But my main concern is Twitter, in the past we had someone 'help' us with Twitter, basically they followed everyone who had anything to do with our market (bargain finding and money saving) and by following 1500 people we got 500 followers or so! This all just seems really fake and pointless, so I've started off by un-following everyone who wasn't following us, I was tempted to unfollow the lot of them! But I can't be sure if some of them are genuine fans or what! What I'm unsure of is, how do we go about getting the initial followers to interact with? Once we have real people following and interested, I'm guessing the interaction is what brings in more people (as their followers see us interacting).
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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