Hi there,

Okay so thanks to the advice I received earlier about sliders, I've managed to create the following page which also has my iOS Slider working alongside, with a bit of script controlling the conflict between the two libraries used. However, I now want to add in a further JQuery library to create the "puff" effect on a div.

The problem is, when I add in the puff code I have, it breaks the page and none of the libraries will work. Below is a link to the iOS Slider and BGStretcher page with a further link showing the puff test document (please excuse the simplicity for the moment, I am simply trying to get it working ).



I'm fairly sure I need to do some more work with a conflict script or maybe do the puff effect some other way using the existing libraries? Surely the latest version of JQuery should incorporate all of the features and there should be no need for these conflicts, unless I'm missing something?

If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it!