Is it possible to make ordered lists with sub-sections (1.1, 1.2 and 1.1.1, 1.1.2 etc), or should I just write that as part of the header titles?
I'm working on an FAQ page and want do divide up my questions/answers something like this:

1. Question one header

1.1. Answer header to the above
blahlvblah blah blahabablaaaahblah blah
blah blaaahblllaaah.

1.2. More about the same subject
blaaah blah blah blaahblablah blahblah.

1.2.1. even more, but related to section 1.2. above
blablahblah blahblabh balahalabalha balahah blah ablah
balhablahblablablahbalaha blah.

2. Another question here

2.1. answer to that question
blablahblah blahblabh balaha labalha balahah blah ablah
balhablah blablab lahbalaha blah.

2.2. More stuff related to the question

blabla hblah blahblabh balaha labalha balahah blah ablah
bahla ha blah blablab lahbalaha blah.

I see that I also have a thing or two to learn about text layout (paragraphs, headers, font sizes, whitespace etc.). Are there any good sources for that sort of thing online?

In addition I want to place each question along with its answers in an accordion. I found a nice one with a scrolling feature (scrolls the opened section up the page when selected) and the ability to "open all/close all" here).
I've tried to clean up the code (my result), but still find it difficult to adapt for a responsive site (most likely due to my limited skills). However, if anyone knows of a similarly functioning accordion with more flexible coding I'm interested in that