Hi everyone I'm new to the forums and I'm looking for some advice about choosing a laptop for web development for use during the next 3 years of university.

I've had a look online and with a budget of ~1000 to spend I was thinking along the lines of a Lenovo Ideapad (Y580?) or Dell XPS 15z/17. I have considered getting an iMac but value the portability of a laptop over a desktop and I can get a better spec laptop for the same money. Ideally if I had the cash I would get an MBP but that not bring the case I'm looking for the next best thing!

The software I'll be using is mainly the Adobe CS5 suite and Visual Studio for .NET development. I'll probably use the laptop for gaming as well but nothing hardcore (a few MMOs / RTS games) since I have an xbox for playing online.

I'm really just concerned about stability / longevity as I dont necessarily want to replace the machine in the next 3 years.

Can anyone comment on Lenovo / Dell hardware or make any recommendations?