I'm struggling with how to incorporate a third level of navigation into a WordPress site I'm building for a client. Here's what I tried so far - http://happilyeveractive.org/WP/about/people. The buttons essentially function as the third level navigation. I tried putting another row of text links below the secondary navigation, but didn't really like it.

The problem with this approach (if I keep it) is that I'm not sure what the best way would be for allowing the user to easily navigate back to the buttons on the People page, say after they select the Co-Founders button. Is a breadcrumb the answer? A user can already tell where they are in the hierarchy though by the color of the other navigation buttons and links.

The other problem I have is that ideally it should be possible for the user to easily add new sections. The People section should be relatively unchanging, but there is going to be a third level under the Current Projects section as well, and these could potentially change frequently. It would be better if the client didn't have to call me up every time they needed to add another project.

So, should I keep this approach? And if I do, how should I handle the Back functionality? And if this approach is not a good one, what might a better one be? I would like to avoid fly-out menus if at all possible. I have never been a fan of them as a user.