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    Obtaining business license for e-commerce business

    I was recently denied a business license that I applied for through the city of Chicago for an e-commerce business which I operate from home. The license was denied because of zoning restrictions. American Express has deactivated my account because I am unable to provide proof that my business is located at the address I provided them. I am currently unable to process customer's American Express cards. The only way in which I can prove that my business is located at the address provided is by obtaining a business license.

    Is there a such thing as a service that allows companies to purchase a mailing address located in a commercially zoned property and will then forward or store all received mail? Any other advice would be appreciated.

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    Many people purchase a commercial mailbox with a suite address that's specifically intended for this sort of commercial usage. Alternatively you may also find that local co-op offices will rent a mailbox / minimal office space to give an even more "real" presence. Whether or not that meets the needs of your local cities is of course something you'd have to check into.

    Forwarding is likely to be an added [and often hefty] fee.
    - Ted S


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