Hi Guys

I need you to help me decide what should I do at this stage of my career. Following is the info about me:

  • Education:BS software engineering
  • Work Experience: 10 Years
  • Programming knowledge: Classic ASP, PHP, some knowledge of so many techologies like asp.net/C#, Javascript, DNN, Joomla, WP etc.
  • Current Position: Project manager (managing a small team in a small company without any knowledge of how project management is done in outer world)
  • Problem: need to change the job

Now I'm moving and will need to search for a job. At this moment I don't feel myself confident as a project manager as the projects I worked on were very small level and have done this on my own way. Also I don't see any jobs matching with my older programming knowledge.

So I need you guys to help me to decide whether I should learn and certify some technical language like C#/ASP.NET etc?

Or I should pass a PMP cert and learn the project management properly and continue with this and this will cover up the deficiencies?

Thanks in advance