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    Visual site map diagram?

    I'm using Dreamweaver CS5.5. I know that the site diagram feature was dropped from Dreamweaver, and have been looking high and low for a good tool to use to replace it. I have a farily large, complicated site and new folks coming on board. I want to make it easy for us all to see what touches what, how the pages are linked and especially where the various css styles are used in what pages. In other words I'd love to see a diagram of the styles.css sheet which shows the relationship of each to style to each page it's used on. Does anyone have a recommendation for how to accomplish this?

    I've tried:
Powermapper > Mac version is SortSite (expensive at $49 and not clear it does what I want)
    Omnigraffe + Applescript
    But none of these really do what I want them to do.

    I settled on Doxygen (awesome free program) which shows you all your php functions, variables and globals, and all your php files and where each is used on what page...very cool. I'd like something similar to show me styles > which pages use a style, so if I want to change one, I can easily see where else it's being used and what the effect would be. I'd also like the more traditional "diagram" of the pages on the site.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Search Term

    "free visual site map diagram software"
    verify that they are free (not free to try)

    Diagram Software - Download SmartDraw FREE for easy diagrams, flowcharts, maps and more

    Free Diagram Software

    Site Map Flow Chart

    Diagram Designer

    Site Map Diagram Desing

    A_AutoSurfer 1.2.1 Freeware Download

    - -
    will any of these work
    hope this helps
    Many good Free Tutorials at:

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    Thanks,It's such a good tool i found is powermapper. It allows you to hide irrelevant portinons from your visual sitemap.I just wanted a visual way to show which styles are being represented where and how the pages and code relate to each other for new developers.
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