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    Hi all,

    I have this requirement for an online booking form/system for a friend of mine...

    Basically what we are looking for is an online form for people to book horse-riding lessons at a riding school online through a website.

    The first screen would consist of a form where the user can enter in several details in this order:-

    1.Their NAME
    2.Contact Phone number
    4.Email address (optional, if they have one)

    5.Approx Height, we would have a drop down menu with the following options to choose from, for example:-
    - 4 Ĺ ft
    - 5 ft
    - 5 Ĺ ft
    - 6 ft
    etc etc

    6.Age (drop down choice from 4 years minimum)
    This would be another drop-down menu with a series of options to choose from,
    for example:-

    - 4 years old
    - 5 years old
    - 6 years old
    - 7 years old
    - 8 years old
    - 9 years old

    This would go up a maximum age.

    7.Riding standard (drop down choice) Ė from the following
    Novice (trot),
    Intermediate (Canter),
    Advanced (Jump)

    8.Riding lesson type: Drop down choice -
    - group
    - 1:1 (personal lesson with a trainer)
    - hack

    9.Date: Drop down box showing week commencing dates, so they get back results fwith available lessons on the week chosen.

    Then the results would show what the riding lesson type was available for them.

    A list of horses would need to be added so that there is reference from the crieria added weight/height range to the horse that could take that, plus the riding standard on a database or something?

    For example, we have a horse called Matcho who is good for riders who are 5'4 to 6'3 in terms of height, weight up to a max of 13 stone so if he was available, the lesson would show as available to book? The user would be then able to pay for this if that horse was suitable for them and he was available at the time and date that they have entered earlier.

    Once booked/paid for he would be taken off the list for that lesson.

    We would have a Pay-pal account online for people to pay for bookings.

    We might also need an admin facility so that we can remove a horse from a time when it would normally be free in case it has been injured or have to change the time etc.

    Once the user has successfully made a booking, then the designated administrator receives an email informing them.

    Now the question is, what is the best way of producing this form?

    PHP with mySQL? Drupal?
    Is there any software either online or available to use as a download to produce this system?

    I know there are some services online that charge per month to set up such a system on their server,
    but I want to produce an application to be used on MY OWN server.

    We donít anticipate thousands and thousands of people booking lessons every week as horse-riding is a minority sport.
    Is there any online applications that could create it that donít require much coding/development experience?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Keith, welcome to the forums.

    Many CMSes will have add-ons for this kind of thing, so you can save yourself a lot of work by installing a good CMS and using a pre-made add-on. For example, I use ExpressionEngine, and just found a booking add-on with a quick Google search:

    I also saw similar thing for Joomla etc.

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    Use wordpress and booking plugin


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